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Definition of pin on the electronic power module

Date:2016年3月24日 15:08

NC: it indicates that there is no electrical connection to this pin.

NP: no such tube feet

REM: that the remote control (is used to do remote control, and sometimes with CNT, CTL)

TRIM: that the output voltage trim side (with + S or + Vout regulation) +S said down regulated -S

ADJ: that the output voltage is fine tuned (but generally used to represent up and down)

COM: represents a common ground pin.

GND: represents a single ground pin.

+Vin: the input voltage is positive.

-Vin: indicates the input voltage negative pole

+Vout: output positive

-Vout: represents the output negative

AC (N): the exchange of zero line input

AC (L): the exchange of fire input

CASE: represents the connection module housing

FG: the earth

AUX: auxiliary power supply

CS: represents an external filter capacitor


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